Trinity in the Morning - created by BeSea

Trinity in the Morning
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The Trinity River Bridge (1901), taken on a foggy morning, In this shot, it was decorated for Christmas. (5 years and 1914 days ago)

Only for walking - created by friiskiwi

Only for walking
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(5 years and 1910 days ago)

Bridge at sunset - created by Chrys Rizzo

Bridge at sunset
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(5 years and 1914 days ago)

small but sturdy - created by friiskiwi

small but sturdy
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(5 years and 1909 days ago)

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redundant bridge - created by carmen

redundant bridge
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This was a foot bridge for the villagers to cross into the fort a long time ago; now it is not used anymore and as you can see in the photo the door is blocked. (5 years and 1912 days ago)