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Almost every town and city has some form of higher education past High School. Be it a College, University, or Trade School. Photograph an institute of higher learning in as attractive a manner as you can, to encourage people to want to go there!

The name of the school must be given in the description if it is not present in the photo. This contest includes any buildings that are part of a college or university, such as dorms, administration, theaters and the like.

Required level: 5+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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International Business School - created by Heathcliffe

International Business School
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Isle of Man - International Business School

The International Business School is located at The Nunnery in Douglas, close to the heart of the central business district and is set in magnificent parkland, providing an ideal environment for the school's operations.

The IBS is a unique higher education and consultancy and institution focusing on international business, management and leadership. Established in the summer of 1999, it is a forward-looking and innovative organisation.

The IBS provides full and part-time Higher Education opportunities – in a variety of flexible modes – to local residents, employers and employees in business and finance related activities. Students with an interest in offshore international finance from other countries are also welcome to take advantage of the study and research opportunities at the IBS.

The IBS is offers a purpose built Learning Resource Centre, a state-of-the-art student IT facility. The IBS also features lecture halls, seminar rooms, library and an impressive Boardroom, complete with a compact video-conferencing system.

Rooms are well equipped for presentations and network/internet connectivity. Organisations are welcome to use the excellent facilities available for events including business meetings, video-conferencing, presentations and seminars.

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King Williams College - created by Heathcliffe

King Williams College
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One of the first public schools to be founded in the 19th Century - built from the proceeds of the Bishop Barrow Trust it opened in August 1833 and still continues, very successfully, today. However this page concentrates on the 19th Century aspects.

Canon Hinton Bird discusses what in his opinion was the somewhat dubious circumstances in which money allocated for a theological seminary to train Manx priests became used to fund a public school, most of whose pupils have been non-Manx with no connection with the Island.

Proposed Design from 1831 Oswald's Guide - drawn by J. Welch

The building was designed by E. Welch and J. Hansom though J. Welch claimed to have redesigned the tower after his brother left the Island; later rebuilt to a somewhat different design in 1844 after a disasterous fire.

Many building extensions have taken place over the last 160 years. The roof of the college was raised in 1892 to add another 5 dormitories at the expense of damage to the facade. (5 years and 1101 days ago)

King's College - created by maclu2iaf

Kings College
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Journey to Enlightenment - created by ctbugan

Journey to Enlightenment
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Entrance to the University of Michigan Law School. (5 years and 1102 days ago)

Old Canterbury University - created by friiskiwi

Old Canterbury University
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The University of Canterbury, founded in 1873 in two rooms of the public library, moved to the gracious 19th century gothic-styled buildings which now comprise the Arts Centre, in 1876. Its first building was the clock tower in Worcester Street designed by the pre-eminent Gothic Revival architect, Benjamin Mountfort, and was completed in 1877. The rest of the stone buildings, designed by a number of prominent Canterbury architects such as Samuel Hurst Seager and W B Armson .
These beautiful buildings are now in danger of being demolished due to recent earthquake damage. (5 years and 1098 days ago)