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Billiards or Pool or whatever you call it: show us the game. It can be a racked set of balls or people playing, just as long as the game of billiard/pool is the focus of the shot. In some countries, billiards and pool are a totally different game. Both games are acceptable in this contest.

Required level: 5+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: locksmagic

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The Shot - created by Robart523

The Shot
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Um... not sure what to say about this one, just really liked the lighting. I couldn't get a bad picture at this table :) (5 years and 1242 days ago)

Colorful BallZ - created by vysakhk

Colorful BallZ
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(5 years and 1248 days ago)

Break! - created by kyricom

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(5 years and 1245 days ago)

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Deep Concentration - created by Robart523

Deep Concentration
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For all those who don't recognize her this is the lovely Jennifer Barretta!! She is one of the best pool players...ever...feel free to google her. (5 years and 1242 days ago)

Soon it Begins - created by Robart523

Soon it Begins
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This is a good friend of mine racking the balls fora game :) (5 years and 1242 days ago)