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Restaurants can be found on almost every corner, some are grand and elegant, some are just cozy hole in the walls. For this contest show us one of these dining establishments from the inside or from the outside.

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Suggested by: locksmagic

MossyB: I think I've been watching too much Gordon Ramsey, the fact that these photos seldom to never show any patrons, just empty tables, makes me think the restaurants pictures must not be very good or successful... ( 5 years and 2564 days ago )
friiskiwi: Perhpas it's just a sign of the economy. ( 5 years and 2563 days ago )

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Hotel restaurant - created by Artifakts

Hotel restaurant
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Panoramic view of a Tunisian hotel restaurant (5 years and 2564 days ago)

night view - created by roon

night view
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(5 years and 2564 days ago)

On the canal - created by patty

On the canal
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(5 years and 2564 days ago)

Loukas diner, NJ, USA - created by CMYK46

Loukas diner, NJ, USA
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(5 years and 2560 days ago)

No comments yet... Be the first!Loukas, diner, USA

Alley Bar - created by emilymnewell

Alley Bar
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(5 years and 2562 days ago)