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We know how hard it is to take family pictures or even couples shots and such... there's always one "ALMOST" great one but something caught the eye of someone and they are the ones NOT paying attention. Show us a shot that has someone distracted.

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Suggested by: MnMCarta

friiskiwi: seems to be some confusion about the theme, Is it to be a photo of somebody that has been distracted by something, or just a photo of somebody not looking at the camera. ( 5 years and 2345 days ago )
MnMCarta: THANK YOU FRIISKIWI! ( 5 years and 2342 days ago )
rbsgrl: YES!!! Thank you! ( 5 years and 2342 days ago )

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Look at the Camera, Please!!! - created by riady

Look at the Camera, Please!!!
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It's not easy to take picture of more than 1 kid, especially the active 1. When we can capture 1 attention, the other might be interested on something else (5 years and 2348 days ago)

What's going on over there?!? - created by jfish

Whats going on over there?!?
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Took this guy and his mom out for a photo shoot the other day. He was playing like crazy while his mom was trying to get him to look at the camera. We had him looking at the camera with a cheesy smile and then he noticed someone putting up a tent. He turned to the side to check it out. (5 years and 2343 days ago)

Those Dang Shoes! - created by MnMCarta

Those Dang Shoes!
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(5 years and 2347 days ago)

1 Man and 3 Kids - created by riady

1 Man and 3 Kids
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Taking picture at Playland can be very exciting yet challenging, especially when the kids are distracted with the fun toys and rides. As fast as you take the picture, there will usually be a flaw of "I wanna go there" attitude :) (5 years and 2347 days ago)

What did you say? - created by Remsphoto

What did you say?
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Stop talking and look at the camera. (5 years and 2346 days ago)