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We have had a couple of very fun and successful self portrait contests in the past...since we have a ton of newer members, I think it's about time to do it again folks...Yes...Self portraits 3! Get out your cameras, timers and/or remotes and introduce yourself to the rest of us in a glorious statement of YOU! Obviously, the rules of anonymity do not apply for this contest as it's a self portrait. Links to the previous contest for those who were not here, or if you just want to check the past winners:
- Self Portraits 1 contest
- Self Portraits 2 Contest

As with all photography contests though... remember, you are required to take the shot! No pictures from grade school, only a recent picture of yourself.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: itsmymoment

Stoli4naq: uuu yeah, am expecting lotsa hot pictures ) ( 5 years and 2249 days ago )
randykencana: Why is it that most self portraits are in BW... ( 5 years and 2249 days ago )
locksmagic: Thats easy, B&W is far more forgiving than color, everyone looks better in grayscale! ( 5 years and 2248 days ago )
kyricom: I don't mind artistic nudes... but all these men are getting monotonous ( 5 years and 2246 days ago )
Stoli4naq: Girls, we are being outnumbered here!! .. let's post some female nudity, hey? whaddayasay? ) ( 5 years and 2245 days ago )
Missy: I would but if my boobs drop any lower i will trip myself up. ( 5 years and 2244 days ago )
UncleJimmy: LOL@Missy....don't you know it's all in the lighting? ( 5 years and 2243 days ago )
iquraishi: I guess we should have had this contest titled as nude portraits... ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
Drivenslush: Nudie Patooties? ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
xogx2002: I wonder what impression any new comer is getting from this particular contest. lol. Although I applaud anyone who did a partial nude on here, it takes a lot of courage. ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
UncleJimmy: xogx...I think anybody seeing this and not really knowing the author's of the images will think we all lost our darn minds! LOL...and I think they wouldn't be too far off on that assumption!! ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
k5683: *shakes head* with a smile about what this contest has brought Even my husband is laughing at all the competition. ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
MsNomer: Why is it that every time I take a look at this contest, I get the urge to look over my shoulder and make sure I don't get caught? lol Great entries; it takes a lot of courage to do some of those portraits! ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
iquraishi: Ditto MsNomer... even I am feeling the same way.. ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
meatman: when does the contest end ?? ( 5 years and 2241 days ago )
captgeo: Thankfully it is over now!!!! ( 5 years and 2241 days ago )
Contest Moderator: This contest is closed, new entries will be removed ( 5 years and 2240 days ago )
Mikaelbg: Dang, I'm too late...=/ ( 5 years and 2240 days ago )
FallingHorse: But... I just got my clothes off ( 5 years and 2240 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Just cause Adam said it... - created by karaflazz

Just cause Adam said it...
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Adam a.k.a Locksmagic wrote:
"So in the last self portrait contest a bunch of people copied this Author's entry, who's gonna start the fun this time" to you my friend
I search the web for some male nude pose & i came up with this one.It's all so my first nude attempt so if this is offensive to any one please red flag this entry.
:) (5 years and 2246 days ago)

The "Thinker" - created by UncleJimmy

The "Thinker"
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OH YES I DID! ;) (5 years and 2249 days ago)

The deal. - created by karaflazz

The deal.
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You said he is 44 , tall & he wanders naked on PXL eyes this week ???
Don't worry...consider it's done!!!
Dedicated to itsmymoment.
(5 years and 2249 days ago)

Behind the Music - created by TwilightMuse

Behind the Music
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(5 years and 2242 days ago)

B&W is not forgiving - created by Nator

B&W is not forgiving
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(5 years and 2243 days ago)