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Show us a shot of someone exercising. Riding a bike, lifting weights, jumping rope...if it's purpose is to get you physically fit, it is on theme. Who knows? Maybe you'll gain some muscle in the process.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: magicsteve

jawshoewhah: Photographing people exercising is exhausting enough. ( 5 years and 807 days ago )
kyricom: Unfair! I can't enter this contest. I can't get shots of this, because I'm allergic to exercise. ( 5 years and 807 days ago )
MnMCarta: oooo my excuse to go to the gym and get all the 6packs together!!!! ( 5 years and 806 days ago )
FallingHorse: I'm allergic to exercise too... I break out in a sweat ( 5 years and 806 days ago )

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Step up... - created by karaflazz

Step up...
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Dancing is the best exercise ever!.

Many training/exercise programs are based in dancing! (5 years and 802 days ago)

lat. pull downs - created by Momof4boyoboys

lat. pull downs
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(5 years and 806 days ago)

Max effort - created by friiskiwi

Max effort
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(5 years and 804 days ago)

1 x 8kg Dumbbell - created by dato_t

1 x 8kg Dumbbell
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(5 years and 801 days ago)

Made it - created by friiskiwi

Made it
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please check the high res (5 years and 806 days ago)