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From cave men to Park Avenue, humans have always bedecked themselves with decorations. A favorite way to adorn ourselves is often with jewelry. Show us your best shots of jewelry. No humans, or parts of humans, are allowed in the shot. Backgrounds, including plants, are ok, but no living creatures.

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Suggested by: MnMCarta

jeaniblog: Nice one, Amanda ( 5 years and 2975 days ago )
MnMCarta: Why thank you Not sure why I suggested it cause I always have a hard time shooting jewelry like I do food but thought it'd be cool to see what others can do ( 5 years and 2974 days ago )
EmiK: Great theme, and everyone has access to some kind of jewelry. I will try very hard to enter this time = ) ( 5 years and 2972 days ago )
cw1P170: how and when is the winner announced? ( 5 years and 2968 days ago )
WYSIWYG: normally sundays around 22:30u central european time. But sometimes somewhat later ( 5 years and 2967 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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The Ring - created by WYSIWYG

The Ring
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It's a ring from my daughter, worth a few cents... (5 years and 2974 days ago)

Grandpas Time Piece - created by bandit69

Grandpas Time Piece
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I am very happy it said no "living" creatures. As this is how I keep this, my grandfathers pocket watch displayed in my home. On the old bull skull.
Its very tarnished, but I like it that way. (5 years and 2973 days ago)

Earrings - created by Rad-Vila

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(5 years and 2974 days ago)

Buried treasure? - created by captgeo

Buried treasure?
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Please view the hi res version. (5 years and 2968 days ago)

when a ring is not just a ring - created by amandamichelle

when a ring is not just a ring
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It's memories....
This ring was from one of my past relationships when I was dating a guy named Nick. Hence the "N". (5 years and 2970 days ago)