How about them apples - created by xsingthesorrowo

How about them apples
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These apples? (5 years and 2549 days ago)

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The Moon - created by cybersb

The Moon
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"Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."
Mark Twain

I used my 350D DSLR to take this shot with the 75-300mm lens on full zoom without a stand.

Sharpened a bit, and added some contrast, and made it a bit warmer. (5 years and 2545 days ago)

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Sky is the limit... - created by awinibhat

Sky is the limit...
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(5 years and 2549 days ago)

Golf, is like measles, - created by friiskiwi

Golf, is like measles,
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Golf, like the measles, should be caught young, for, if postponed to riper years, the results may be serious. ~P.G. Wodehouse, A Mixed Threesome, 1922 (5 years and 2546 days ago)

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Turn to the Sun - created by sensesfail187

Turn to the Sun
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Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb (5 years and 2550 days ago)