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We would not stay alive very long if we didn't have anything to drink. Milk, soda, water, or booze - beverages are the stuff of life.

In this theme, your goal is to take a photo of your favorite beverage in an artistic manner. Show us what you enjoy drinking! Good luck.

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Cheers! - created by EmiK

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Did you know the first item in a Martini was a cherry. And now a days Instead of the typical cocktail olive, cocktail onion, or lemon twist, unique garnishes are being used in the new flavored martinis. Some of these garnishes are marinated capers, fresh herbs, or olives stuffed with blue cheese, anchovies, or sun-dried tomatoes.
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Pure freshness. - created by karaflazz

Pure freshness.
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Cheers everyone & have a GREAT summer!!! (5 years and 2772 days ago)

Firewater - created by friiskiwi

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Drink UP - created by magicsteve

Drink UP
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"Hot" Chocolate (&Fluff) - created by locksmagic

"Hot" Chocolate (&Fluff)
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Sorry friend, I had too ;-)
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