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Masks are worn to protect or disguise the face. They are made of various materials including paper, cloth, grass, leather, metal, shell, or carved of wood or stone. They can be painted with symbolic designs and vivid colors. Some masks have realistic human or animal features, while others provide a grotesque appearance.

Take a creative shot of masks, it can be a gas mask, tribal mask, mask for Halloween, for drama or art. People are allowed in the picture but make sure the mask is the main subject.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Karol

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ethnic - created by Karol

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saw this handmade mask hanging on a souvenir shop (5 years and 2799 days ago)

lil' spidey - created by maclu2iaf

lil spidey
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(5 years and 2798 days ago)

Renaissance - created by karaflazz

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(5 years and 2795 days ago)

Afrimask - created by Artifakts

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(5 years and 2801 days ago)

Who lies beneath - created by jtpobrien

Who lies beneath
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I "worked" on this mask myself (5 years and 2798 days ago)