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Have you lived in the same place all of your life? Or, did you just move in last week? Each neighborhood seems to have its own personality, and we all are tied to them.

For this contest, take a picture of something that represents the neighborhood you live in. This theme is pretty subjective, so be sure to use the description to say WHY the chosen subject represents your neighborhood.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: mperri

friiskiwi: we have some members living in beautiful neighbourhoods. ( 5 years and 2830 days ago )

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High and low - created by swanze

High and low
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My neighborhood; in the middle of (yet detached from) a metropolis boast the first commuter aerial tram in North America. Since 1985 2 others in the U.S.A. have been built. My neighborhood also disposes of trash through an underground pneumatic tube system!! Although originally developed in Sweden, in the USA only my neighborhood and Disney World currently use this technology. The pneumatic tube system is currently being studied as a solution to big city waste across the country. (5 years and 2830 days ago)

Early morning - created by Remsphoto

Early morning
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Living in a golfing community is sometimes spoiled by the predawn sound of maintenance equipment. (5 years and 2832 days ago)

Tobacco Valley - created by xsingthesorrowo

Tobacco Valley
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I live in a small town in New England known primarily for growing tobacco. Instead of a house to either side of mine I have tobacco fields. (5 years and 2832 days ago)

Down by the Willow Tree - created by jtpobrien

Down by the Willow Tree
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This willow tree is right by the back of my neighborhood (5 years and 2833 days ago)

My Backyard - created by ziggyx2003

My Backyard
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I live in a "regional centre". AKA we are a small hub in a very very large rural pond. This is less than 400 metres from my house and a place I walk past at least every second day. My neighbourhood is old and very green. We have amazing trees in our streets.To me this image represents our "rural regionality". If you live in my neighbourhood and decide to go for a walk, this is where you will end up. (5 years and 2834 days ago)