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Every good photographer should know a few things about 'the rule of thirds'. This contest requires that you show your knowledge about it, in the best way possible.
For the ones who are not familiar with it, in this tutorial you can find out more. Anything and everything allowed in the picture, as long as it follows this rule.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

jawshoewhah: Doesn't seen to be too many limitations to rule of thirds. There's actually a lot of unique entries in this one so far. ( 5 years and 1610 days ago )

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3rds. - created by karaflazz

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(5 years and 1610 days ago)

Cirque De Solei - created by Iluvscrappy

Cirque De Solei
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cropped, sharpened (5 years and 1615 days ago)

Sunflower - created by DML

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Thanks for view and comments. (5 years and 1610 days ago)

Horse in Utah - created by Nator

Horse in Utah
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Shot with a Canon 30D.

Color adjust - sharpen - levels for contrast. (5 years and 1611 days ago)

Timeline. - created by karaflazz

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The clock is placed on the two equally-spaced horizontal lines of the piece of wood & the two "mentally" equally-spaced vertical lines.
(5 years and 1612 days ago)