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Sharp edges. Picture

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By Lodd
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For this contest you have to take a picture of someone practicing a winter sports, like skiing, skating, langlaufing, bobsledding and so on. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

kyricom: I guess this theme could have also been called "Take a picture of insane people!" ( 5 years and 2702 days ago )
adeincyprus: lol....kyricom, I think you are right... ( 5 years and 2701 days ago )

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Sharp edges. - created by Lodd

Sharp edges.
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A friend that's doing both slalom and speedskiing. it was pretty scary to shoot because i was pretty close to the dang sharp steel edges on the skis. (5 years and 2705 days ago)

First time on skis - created by friiskiwi

First time on skis
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(5 years and 2700 days ago)

Climbing Fuggs Falls - created by bf2015

Climbing Fuggs Falls
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(5 years and 2703 days ago)

Climbing Coleman Glacier - created by bf2015

Climbing Coleman Glacier
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(5 years and 2703 days ago)

Wheres the water? - created by Jgrafix

Wheres the water?
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The water has now frozen over, but people still can wear bikinis on frozen water right? (5 years and 2703 days ago)