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For this contest you have to take a shot of one or more balloons. They can even be hot air balloons or helium balloons. Take advantage of any anniversary, wedding, celebration, to shoot balloons, balloons and more balloons!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

Contest Moderator: Yes, it was'nt that long ago that we had this or a similar contest .... ( 5 years and 1669 days ago )

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Mickey in the air - created by Artifakts

Mickey in the air
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Caught in Disneyland Paris (5 years and 1668 days ago)

Framed - created by outbackjack

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We filled the cupboard with balloons for this shot. This is one photoshoot that my kids did not complain about lol (5 years and 1669 days ago)

mickey - created by hilleke

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(5 years and 1670 days ago)

Glow - created by gotmeamuse

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Reno Dawn Patrol (5 years and 1666 days ago)

Rencontre fortuite - created by planchonl

Rencontre fortuite
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(5 years and 1669 days ago)