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Take a shot of one/more inanimated object/s you have created with your own hands from beginning to end. Your photo must reflect a passion of yours. Show us any manual labour that you're passionate about.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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origami ... so to say - created by Alexandra

origami ... so to say
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(5 years and 2947 days ago)

From my pottery days - created by friiskiwi

From my pottery days
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(5 years and 2948 days ago)

Garden Guardian - created by serious

Garden Guardian
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Copper tubing and wire the body painted in a patina styles he stands 4 feet tall. (5 years and 2946 days ago)

Paper Portrait - created by Artsyfrog

Paper Portrait
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This is a paper sculpture of myself that I made myself. I made molds of myself then used paper pulp in those molds to create the forms. everything was then sewn together with black wire and attached to a board also covered in handmade paper. (5 years and 2949 days ago)

Agate - created by kyricom

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Each piece of "fringe" was seperately stuck through the chain and soldered. The stone is a piece of Montana Agate from the Yellowstone River in Montana. (5 years and 2944 days ago)