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Started by extracting the mastodon from the source. best way to do that is quick mask mode or if using an older version of photoshop you can use "extract" from the filters menu, the pen tool can also be used by outlining the object then going to the "paths" tab in the layers window and ctrl-click the path you just created to convert to a "selection" then back to your layer and cut and paste

Creation of Reflection: Step 1

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using the pen tool i made a selection of a small cross section and then used the "warp" tool to form it into this subtle "S" shape. Then duplicate and flip it assembling the spiral

Creation of Reflection: Step 2

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cut the center section out of the source and spread the body apart and place your spiral in place. I used the section i removed from the belly of the source to form the cavity of the body. Molding the shape with the "warp" tool till i had the form i wanted, then turned down the brightness to give it depth

Creation of Reflection: Step 3

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acquiring the rose source from last weeks contest i removed the rose from the background. Most of that was achieved by using "select color range" and choosing the black and erasing it. with the rose placed in the image i used a small selection from the end of the stem and replicated and lined them up to lengthen the stem.
Ctrl-click the layer with the mastodon to load its selection then erase the parts of the rose that are to be behind the spiral

Creation of Reflection: Step 4

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here you see i have erased my selection added a offset shadow and brushed around with the "burn" tool to emphasize shadow

Creation of Reflection: Step 5

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The reflection is made by duplicating the source and flipping it, lower the opacity a bit to give it a bit of transparency. i used the "warp tool here to help line up the reflection

Creation of Reflection: Step 6

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Back to the cut out of the rose i stole a leaf off of it and created a leaf using the transform tools to shape and bend it till i had the shape i wanted, created the reflection just as in the last step

Creation of Reflection: Step 7

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Added a simple gradient fill to a background layer as a foundation for the creation of the background

Creation of Reflection: Step 8

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i chose colors from the rose and scribbled some shapes in the background paying attention to the composition and creating "compliment"

Creation of Reflection: Step 9

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applied a heavy "Gaussian blur" to that layer giving distance and scale to the background

Creation of Reflection: Step 10

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duplicated the background layer, flipped it, transformed it thinner and lowered the opacity as i had before.
Using the "line" tool i made a HUGE grid then used the "perspective" transform tool to lay the grid on the ground to create glass tiles

Creation of Reflection: Step 11

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Using the paint brush, panited the boarder black and applied a moderate guassian blur to create a vignette effect

Creation of Reflection: Step 12

Final result

Creation of Reflection: Final Result

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avatar SaHdeeQ
SaHdeeQ says:

wow, very well done and also a very nice SBS

(5 years and 566 days ago)
avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Very good detailed SBS, done with care!

(5 years and 484 days ago)