A Work in Progress: Blackbird

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ps tournament 4 round 1

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I painted the general idea

Creation of Blackbird: Step 1

step 2 of 5

Detail work and anatomy adjustments make the final silhouette

Creation of Blackbird: Step 2

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On an empty layer, I made a straight line with the pen tool and used stroke (Natural Brush 2 with the settings shown) to make a line. Copy, shift over, merge, copy, shift, merge and in no time, I have a shawl.

Creation of Blackbird: Step 3

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I used the magic wand to make an outline, then filled it on a separate layer. With the black layer on top, I shifted it over, creating an outline. I used a mask on the black layer to reveal the blue layer underneath.

Creation of Blackbird: Step 4

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I used warp and liquify to place the shawl.

Creation of Blackbird: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Blackbird: Final Result

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