A Work in Progress: Fire in the Sky

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Fire in the Sky
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Masked aircraft and adjusted the color. This one I removed the landing gear and flaps. The repairs were made to the under carriage using the pen tool to create shape of gear doors, then those shapes were filled with color. Some clone stamp samples were also used.

Creation of Fire in the Sky: Step 1
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All the airplanes were extracted with layer masking. Corrections were made to the shading and color with various methods to include adjustment layers for levels, curves and such. Some dodge and burn used also. The destruction to airplanes was accomplished with the pen tool by cutting them apart and transformations to the pieces.

Creation of Fire in the Sky: Step 2

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The bullets and fire is brush work along with certain FX like outer glow.

Creation of Fire in the Sky: Step 3

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Some of the damage was made with clone samples and the brushes. Post processing of image made with shadow/highlight and levels adjustments.

Creation of Fire in the Sky: Step 4

Final result

Creation of Fire in the Sky: Final Result

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