A Work in Progress: Shooting Asteroids

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Shooting Asteroids
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Add vibrance, change the hue to more blue and fix the saturation.

Make a little brighter, more contrast.

Brush in some extra stars in the background.

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Step 1

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Create the classic triangle ship.

Use pieces from different planes to put a simple ship together.

Blending with the blend tool, clone tool and light erasing.

Add shadows at edges to easier blend in the pieces.

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Step 2

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Use pieces of the background image to make the flames.

Use the edges filter and change the color to redish. Add lighting effects and brighten. Erase around edges slightly.

Copy and place another flame over top and change the hew to bright yellow. Change the fill to about 80, blend in and slightly erase to mix in with the red flame below.

Copy over to each of the engines and use the brush along with blurring to create bright lights at the exhuast where the flames come out.

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Step 3

step 4 of 5

Draw in a beam and a circle near the guns. Use mostly white and put in some bright blue. Use blurring and adding more brushing.

Add omni light effect and motion blur to make the beam glow and move.

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Step 4

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Place in the asteroid and cut small chunks away and place around the bottom edge.

Add shadows around the edges of the asteroids.

Use the same techniques used for the beams to create the blast area. Lots of brush and blurring. make it bright near the center and blurred and faded more as it goes out.

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Shooting Asteroids: Final Result

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