A Work in Progress: Who Needs a Microwave?

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Who Needs a Microwave?
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Ok so the guide really isn't necessary for such a simple thing but since I didn't use any sources the rules say I need one right?

Step 1: Create the mask for the burger, try to avoid going slightly insane from boredom during...

Creation of Who Needs a Microwave?: Step 1

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Step 2: Add outer glow and colour overlay from layer styles, play with settings until it looks right like a kid with a VCR...

Creation of Who Needs a Microwave?: Step 2

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Step 3: Draw a line with a weight of 2px or so, again try not to go insane as you forget that Photoshop needs you to type in the 'px' or it reverts to cm.

Use distort to make it taper slightly, duplicate and position as needed. Apply similar glow effect as before.

I used a second duplicate layer with the fill turned down just to get a bit more of the glow (because I am lazy).

Creation of Who Needs a Microwave?: Step 3

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Step 4: Using the brush with a low opacity and 0% hardness I've added some red to the hands and eyes... and again because I am lazy a glow on the eyes to give it a little more... err... glowiness.

There's also a red overlay above the base image with a very low opacity because you can never have too much red... unless you are surrounded by angry bulls or die hard anti-commies...

Creation of Who Needs a Microwave?: Step 4

Final result

Creation of Who Needs a Microwave?: Final Result

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