A Work in Progress: Evasion

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misty forest

Original image

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So I decided to use 2 of my existing photos I just shot down the road from my house

This one is the one at the VFW of the Tank

Creation of Evasion: Step 1

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And the Second photo I took down from my house a guy has it out in the yard

Creation of Evasion: Step 2

step 3 of 9

and since the fence was around the tank I decided to just do some masking of the tire areas and such till I had a full tank to add in to the source photo for a backdrop

Creation of Evasion: Step 3

step 4 of 9

Doubled the background and flipped it around for larger area and added in the tank with a drop shadow for underneath a bit and some desaturated and touch up to the existent areas to blend in more with the backdrop

Creation of Evasion: Step 4

step 5 of 9

used a bit of the clone proximity match and CTA to fix up the grass and other areas in the background area then just used some hue/sat and color adjustments for trying out different looks

Creation of Evasion: Step 5

step 6 of 9

Ok so I then brought in my Scrap Metal guy to add to the other side and masked out the main picture to bring him in

Creation of Evasion: Step 6

step 7 of 9

Creation of Evasion: Step 7

step 8 of 9

Creation of Evasion: Step 8

step 9 of 9

Just matched main color to the scrap guy to reflect the current matched color then just played with color and brightness etc till I got something I liked

Creation of Evasion: Step 9

Final result

Creation of Evasion: Final Result

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