A Work in Progress: Peace at the Lakeside

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Peace at the Lakeside
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seven mushrooms

Original image

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The Ground and Mushrooms: I used the Pen Tool to cut both out. For the ground I used the Warp Tool and then duplicated it multiple times to get the look I wanted. I then played with the hue and brightness in the final image. The mushrooms I basically left the same except for changing the hue and adding some shadows.

Creation of Peace at the Lakeside: Step 1

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The Tree: I used the Pen Tool again to cut out the log I needed to create the tree. I then duplicated it several times and warped it to get the shapes I wanted. After making the basic trunk, I duplicated that a few times and placed it in a way that made it look wider. Then in the final image I used the clone stamp to get rid of some repeat patterns and blend it a bit, and I also added shadows and changed the hue.

Creation of Peace at the Lakeside: Step 2

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The Lake and the Sky: For the lake I just blurred the entire source image and overlayed a gradient. The sky photograph is one of my own.

Creation of Peace at the Lakeside: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Peace at the Lakeside: Final Result

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