A Work in Progress: Up, Up, and Away

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Up, Up, and Away
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hair closeup

Original image

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Two small sections of hair have been lassoed to begin.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 1

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Gradually, using the background eraser tool, sections of hair are chopped into smaller pieces that can be joined together for the dandelion head.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 2

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On a new canvas which has been extended past her face, hair must be added where the photo was cut off. Background has been added in same color as sky to her left. At this point, I had no plans to crop off the left side of the photo.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 3

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The hair blowing around her face has been finished. I used the Wacom tablet and pen to have more control for drawing the fine strands of hair. Several diffrent colors were used as in the rest of her hair with some very light strands to finish it off.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 4

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The dandelion seed head is now started. A little brown seed is added to each little 'parachute', Sections are duplicated and rotated to fit together on the stem. A hand is drawn in to hold a stem which is also made from a dark section of her hair.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 5

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The dandelion head has been completed. A little shading is added , and the many layers of the seeds are merged Those floating away have been gradually made smaller, and some gaussian blur has been added.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 6

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At this point, the piece seemed a lot stronger by cropping off the left side since I want the focus on the dandelion. Last of all, filters in gold and blue were added and cut back to very low opacity.

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Step 7

Final result

Creation of Up, Up, and Away : Final Result

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