A Work in Progress: Jacuzzi Cinema

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Jacuzzi Cinema
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I made the basic shape of the jacuzzi by making a curve (shown in yellow) and applied Lathe on the Y-axis (extruding the curve 360 degrees).

Creation of Jacuzzi Cinema: Step 1

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To make some slight gave the seats in the jacuzzi different surfaces for future texturing. I also added a drain to the bottom (not seen in the final render). I then built a simple floor. around the object.

Creation of Jacuzzi Cinema: Step 2

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The walls and the Movie Screen was simply built polygon by polygon, with different surfaces.

Creation of Jacuzzi Cinema: Step 3

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The texturing was the only real job on this one.

For textures, gave the jacussi different textures to the color, specular and bump map. I also applied low glossiness and specularity to keep it more plastic.

The water is a combination of different bumps to make it bubble. It's not very transparent because of the viewing angle (Fresnel Filter), but I set the refraction to ~1.3 anyway for small details.

The ground is a bumped brick pattern, along with maps on specular, diffuse and reflection to make it look less mint.

The wallpapers is a mapped image, made by
rotkraut.c.r and some minor bump textures to make it look slightly used. The movie screen is a mapped image made by DVIDSHUB. No diffuse - only some illumination to make it effect the global illumination for the final render.

The steam is a light coming from the bottom of the jacuzzi. It's set to cast volymetric light (good for fire, smoke and other effects). To save rendertime I set it to Spritemode and choosed the texture only option. I toned the effect down some to avoid consuming the rest of the image.

For final render i went for Final Gather Global Illumination, effected by both illumination and lights. I also chose medium anti aliasing and adaptive sampling.

I would have wanted to make some testrendering before the final one and add some more objects fore details. But because of timeshortage I'll accept the result as it is. It was good practise.

Creation of Jacuzzi Cinema: Step 4
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Final result

Creation of Jacuzzi Cinema: Final Result

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