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Small Town
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First i used my source image photo of the town...

Creation of Small Town: Step 1

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Then i made the two ends of my picture ''meet'' in the middle... this is helpful because it is easier to melt them... we need that because our photo is going to make a circle that needs to be melted at the ends... :) i made this by simply going to
Filter > Other > Offset (500 Pixels to the right, check box: Wrap around).

Creation of Small Town: Step 2

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now i used the clone stamp, healing brush and some pen to melt the middle. also removed the clouds from the upper cause we don't need that many clouds...

Creation of Small Town: Step 3

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next thing we need to do is to crop the image a bit... simply select an restangle just above the city and a bit water and then Image>Crop.

Creation of Small Town: Step 4

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Now, since we are going to be using polar coordinates.. we need to make the image square.. to give a round result (a rectangle would result in an oval) So...

Image > Image Size

Uncheck 'Constrain Proportions' and then copy the figure from the width (the top box) and paste it into the one below it, and hit ok. You'll have a square. An ugly square, but a square nethertheless.
Now rotate this square by 180 degrees:
Edit > Transform > Rotate 180

Creation of Small Town: Step 5

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That was the hard work... now simply:
Filter > Distort > Polar Co-ordinates .... Rectangular to Polar.

Creation of Small Town: Step 6

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now i made an oval selection and cropped the image...

Creation of Small Town: Step 7

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Now add some shadow on the left and some highlight on the right.... this makes it more 3D and gives some depth...

Creation of Small Town: Step 8

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now i changed the background colour of my bulb picture into blue by using Hue/Saturation, and using clone stamp and healing brush i removed the wires from the inside of the bulb...

Creation of Small Town: Step 9

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Next and last... I placed the town over the bulb and using masking i revealed the light reflections of the bulb... Some more shadows and highlights and we are finished...

Creation of Small Town: Step 10

Final result

Creation of Small Town: Final Result

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