A Work in Progress: The Mechanic

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The Mechanic
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I cant give a complete guide, there's just to much steps. The technic I developed is using only the smudge and brush(a lot of dodge and multiply) tools.
BUt here we go: Duplicate layer and resize using transform tool.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 1

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Create a little bit of a surrounding using the brush tool, just use your imagination.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 2

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Smudge eveything you have brushed so far. With the smudge tool you can easily create nice clouds.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 3

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This is a big step, I used the brush tool to create the mountains. I also duplicated the layer flipped it vertically and stamped part of that layer to create the mirror effect.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 4

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This is what I mean by smudging, you can create really realistic images with that tool. I also used the color brush to give the foreground a sandy color.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 5

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I changed the color again. This time using image- adjustments- color balance.
I also created the clouds using only a brush and the smudge tool.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 6

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I finished the image with the trees, the house and some more clouds. By Doing that I felt the image became more alive.

Creation of The Mechanic: Step 7

Final result

Creation of The Mechanic: Final Result

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