Tips For Improving Composition - Photography Tutorial

Have you seen a photograph that you literally want to step through the frame and enter that world? Or have you seen a photograph that instantly made your mouth water and your hunger give a little twitch of hunger? Composition in photography is creating a story or capturing a moment that comes to life through the photograph. Professional photographers spend hours in the classroom learning the techniques for composition in photography and even more hours learning and fine-tuning this skill. - View Tutorial »

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Covers the main basics of composing a photo, if new to photography then give it a look over, but if you have been taking photos for a while you will probably know these techniques already, includes rule of thirds, focal point , keeping fore/background simple and complimentary to the subject matter, etc.
Good easy to follow guidelines for newbies, so if this is you give it a whirl.

Pixel xx

(5 years and 1721 days ago)

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