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Nature's Guise - created by blur

Natures Guise
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Ancient Protector changes its appearance so that it blends in with the forest. It becomes invisible to enemy eyes, but it must remain near a tree, or the Guise is lost.

This entry was made for fun, a concept sketch from an old contest. Done with Luna pencil colors; green, lighter green, white and black.

Sorry for the bad result from my scanner (looks blurred by itself). I adjust its brightness/contrast a little bit for refinement and crop the left side because of the drawing book's edge.

(•̪ . •̪)~ Thanks! (5 years and 1240 days ago)

avatar Govindrathod

Lovely... Absolutely wonderful job.... Loved your art... Good luck author....

no avatar
DragoWolf says:

Oh My Gosh! You've got to be a professional! I love the picture!

author says:

@ Govindrathod; thanks for your nice compliment and cheers.

Thanks for your comment too, DragoWolf. I'm not professional yet, just an artist blessed by God. Hope I'll become a better artist and a professional one someday. = )

avatar Kid
Kid says:

Would love to see this unblurred...

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