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TRADITIONAL DRAWING: Make a drawing which contains just 1 line. Now; don't enter a straight line but try to tell something with your entry. It can be fi a portrait or a windmill. Your line has to have a clear starting- and exitpoint. Use 1 colour for the line and 1 extra colour as a "decorative" is allowed.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Senorita and the little birds... - created by archuarchies

Senorita and the little birds...
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(5 years and 973 days ago)

Butterfly - created by Clarence Decena

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First, I thought of things I could draw using a single line. Then I drew a simple butterfly using pencil. The design of its wings followed- trying to release the artistic strokes and curves that came to my mind. And I traced the whole drawing using black and violet gel pen. I applied pressure on some part so it wouldn't look so plain.

I didn't color the image for the requirement says that only a single line can be used. (5 years and 972 days ago)

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Fabled Dagger - created by thefinalcut

Fabled Dagger
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There is an ancient dagger called "Oneline" that is said to bring clarity to any who follow its line from the top of the hilt to the tip of the blade. (5 years and 982 days ago)

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