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DIGITAL DRAWING: We've drawn different kinds of Earth life forms, but what would life look like on a different planet? Maybe it would be tall and skinny because of low gravity or maybe it would come from a water planet. A gas planet, perhaps, or maybe a sandy desert planet. Use your imagination to show us life on other planets.

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Pet - created by IDt8r

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Would aliens have pets? I like to think they would. (5 years and 1814 days ago)

Titan - created by roon

Favs: 2SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 2/5Score: 73% (38)20534 views

TITAN: A high priest worshiping Saturn . Titaneans believe that this particular planet hovering above their heads, magnificent, also menacing, is the only deity existing . (5 years and 1813 days ago)

Cave Dweller of oxion g3 - created by Glockman

Cave Dweller of oxion g3
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the cave dweller live in huge caves because of the heat on oxion g3, they eat and digest the rock for the minerals, they have made huge caverns all over the planet making more space for their off springs in the process, the very long range future is bleak . they will eventually devour there own habitat and will perish.

no sources were used. (5 years and 1818 days ago)

Sand Runners - created by IDt8r

Sand Runners
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On this dusty, hot planet it's important to filter the air and stay cool. The sand runners do this with elongated snouts that have nostrils lined with hair like filaments that filter the air, long legs that keep them well above the hot sand and perhaps their most unusual feature, air sacs. These air sacs are thin membranes that inflate when the creature is running, causing air to flow thru them and cooling the blood vessels that are close to the surface. They have two main defenses against predators. One is running away, using the extra tendons in their legs and their wide feet to help them with speed and the other is to semi-bury themselves in the sand, not only keeping cool this way, but also looking like a small mound of sand. (5 years and 1817 days ago)

Sky Life - created by GwenBriar

Sky Life
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Life on this alien planet is mostly 5-sided, a form that is found on earth mostly in starfish. The food chain is anchored by thick organic clouds that contain most of the nutrients needed for life. (5 years and 1813 days ago)