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DIGITAL DRAWING: In this contest, your goal is to poetically draw the feeling after your first kiss. Could have been a great or a bad experience, it doesn't matter. You are not allowed to draw the kiss itself or other people kissing. Maybe you felt like you were floating after the first kiss, of like there are a billion pink butterflies and pink hearts floating around. Show us a sensation - the sensation after the first kiss!
REMEMBER these contests require that you post at least 2 intermediate steps of your drawing in a step by step guide, so we can see the progress of your work.
Reference photos are allowed (no copyrighted images), but links should be mentioned in your SBS. Include links for all images.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

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Its awesome ! - created by Krashd

Its awesome !
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Bubbly - created by squishy9

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Dancing on air - created by artbybambi

Dancing on air
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all pink - created by niks1351

all pink
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Electric feel - created by squishy9

Electric feel
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