peacock watch - created by spygirl1978

peacock watch
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source only used..... (5 years and 1000 days ago)

enigmatic - created by spygirl1978

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future taxi - created by spygirl1978

future taxi
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sources used:

"Rocket Engine" by Octaku at

Fire Textures from

all other images used are my own (went to the national car week in lake george, took lots of great photos) and will be uploaded into my stock. (5 years and 1622 days ago)

2 Sources:

wrath - created by spygirl1978

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sources used:

"Bean Sidhe 5" by =lindowyn-stock at

Brushes Used:

"Old Bones" by ~midnightstouch at


"Smoke Brushes Set 1" by =Falln-Stock at

****ok, on top of the other adjusments, i also adjusted the eye so it doesn't appear as bright and overwhelming***

(5 years and 1628 days ago)

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battling my emotions... - created by spygirl1978

battling my emotions...
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***had to re-create the room, as it was a pre-made texture. Used textures from, will upload steps. Don't like the feel of the image now, prefer knowing these things before i dodge and burn layers according to what's underneath...*****

sources used:

"Tribal Fighter - 11" by *mjranum-stock:

"Paint Can" by House Of Sims on Flickr:

Dragon Brushes by:

=GoldDragonfly at


*DusterAmaranth at

Textures used from



and WoodEnds0019: (5 years and 1636 days ago)

7 Sources:

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