What a flavor! - created by isoflow

What a flavor!
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I have drawn the ice cream in illustrator. It contains of a gradient background, a cone with a pattern and different shapes and lines for the ice cream. (5 years and 1679 days ago)

Goose flying contest - created by isoflow

Goose flying contest
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The masters of the air are making ready for take off. Pilot Goose, first officer Goostown and second officer Goosestreet will defend the gold medal from last year.

This is made by blending, scaling and rotating 12 layers. I have warped helmets and goggles to make them fit the geese heads. The most difficult part of this work was to find good stock images. I gave the image a color tone from the 50ties to match the leather helmets and goggles.

Thanks to flickr members:
Valerian Gaudeau
Kalense Kid
Pig Sty Avenue
Joel Abroad
Andy Hares
Joe Gasper

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/gasper/14742015/ (5 years and 2584 days ago)

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Dandelion girl - created by isoflow

Dandelion girl
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Thanks to solcookie
Thanks to Essence of a Dream
thanks to Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen (5 years and 2599 days ago)

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Lady style riding - created by isoflow

Lady style riding
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I thought the horse was elegant, and I wanted to give it an elegant rider. From there the image developed step by step, I didn't have a plan from the start

The background image with road is my own.

Thanks to ThePieman at stock.xchng for the Castle image, and to billingham for the raven - also at stock.xhng. (5 years and 2601 days ago)

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No title - created by isoflow

No title
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I have added the horse, lake, tree and the clouds. Further, I have made shadows to the ground and light from the sky (filter: lightening effects). I also have used curves to adjust the colours - one adjustment layer for each part of the image (snowy mountain, horse, tree, sky). I hope you like it!

Thanks to Chris Bond at for letting me use his beautiful tree, and also thanks to John tokarz for letting me use his beautiful lake. I found both images on Flickr.

jtokarz2003 john tokarz
Re: Use of image
Yes you can use the picture, thankyou for your interest, regards John.

~Wizard Images~ Chris Bond
Re: would you allow me to use your tree 3 in a contest?
That's fine. I will allow you to use it.
Thanks. (5 years and 2607 days ago)

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