The Way - created by darkshellie23

The Way
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Thank u all from bottom of my heart/

Moon - Cyan filterby ~AthosLuca
Dramatic Sky - Iby *MD-Arts
Beech Treeby ~annarey-stock-art
Circa 1873 House 5by =FairieGoodMother (5 years and 1484 days ago)

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Carrot God - created by darkshellie23

Carrot God
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only original image used

Hi all
I was away for a long time. I haven't done any photoshop for 2 years, I'm glad to be back,
It took me awhile to create this.

I tried to keep the carrots at part of the theme.

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Fallen Replacement - created by darkshellie23

Fallen Replacement
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Thanks to all for use of your stocks.

lb1-117 dragon9 by ~bstocked
lizard 2 by ~bipolargenius
Reclining Barbarian Princess by *mjranum-stock (5 years and 2453 days ago)

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Got to get ya some - created by darkshellie23

Got to get ya some
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only source and feather used (5 years and 2871 days ago)

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Ugly Mama - created by darkshellie23

Ugly Mama
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yo mama so ugly shes not going bald that's her hair running away from her face

thanks to the following.
scary mask stock 2 by ~ScrewdrivR-Stock1

185 Winter Coat by ~GothicjadeStock (5 years and 2881 days ago)

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