Artificially HeartBroken - created by Widiar

Artificially HeartBroken
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Kinda how I feel right now.. (5 years and 2629 days ago)

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3rd Wheel - created by Widiar

3rd Wheel
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Instantly gave me an idea of a building. Some sort of high tech future greenhouse, maybe.. I don't even bother to explain the story behind the rest of the idea for the picture - as obvious it might be.

High resolution and short guide included.

(The second man is made from the same source as the first one, that's why there is no source for the second man - as mentioned in the guide)

Update: Scaled the standing man shadow down just a little bit (as suggested by CMYK46). I was not sure if I should think it as a shadow or a some kind of reflection. Can't scale it very small, goes very blurry and looks more like a mistake than a shadow if I do. (5 years and 2660 days ago)

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