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candy tester
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Awaken - created by MrHack

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This entry is resubmited because it was deleted without previous warning and without any message. Anyway i think i know what was wrong with the image so PLS VOTE AGAIN for this image. I removed some of the animals from before , because they were not suitable in the air. Thanks.
because of lack of source spaces i will put all the sources links here.
This entry took me a lot of time and nerves , because of all the cuttings i made.
Here comes the source links
Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Also you can see the sbs and high res image.
-------------------------------------- - elephant - eagle. Thanks to "hotblack" - pig - dog - sign - wood texture - turtle . Thanks to "zatrokz" - snake. Thanks to Jumpingjoy - cat . Thanks to OeilDeNuit - mouse. Thanks toaneczka-ja - flying gull(used wing) - classic fan. Thanks to "leagun" - jungle - stone wall
- the bat . Thanks to "Zeusandhera" (5 years and 2775 days ago)

funny stripe - created by MrHack

funny stripe
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the cannon - created by MrHack

the cannon
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Please see high res before voting. i posted sbs, but its low resolution, so its not much viewable. However i think high res looks better. Thanks (5 years and 3041 days ago)

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