Retro Show Poster - Beethoven - created by Giulia

Retro Show Poster - Beethoven
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You still go to circuses...? Are they just memories? (5 years and 2071 days ago)

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Forgotten - created by Giulia

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Came and left... for a short time, but love leaves deep scars...footprints in ones heart. (5 years and 2256 days ago)

Wrong Experiment - created by Giulia

Wrong Experiment
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In a dark underground lab, a mad scientist makes experiments on humans, to see if he can "reconstruct" them and become a god of the mankind, to see if the human body can adapt to unexpected changes...Will the toes placed on the hand be able to function...?Will his victim be able to live like this...? (5 years and 2463 days ago)

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