Only day I have! - created by toofan

Only day I have!
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Shot early in the morning with D90+200mm AiS lens + Extension tubes @ F/5.6 ISO 200 Exposure time 1/360. (5 years and 390 days ago)

Curls - created by toofan

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Made this shot with one light back of subject, left to camera, and one friends white t-shirt worked as a fill card from front who holed the kid also. (5 years and 1115 days ago)

100s - created by toofan

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Occupied by Kids of some insects. These would be less then 1mm in size.

Shot at 2x magnification.

thanks. (5 years and 1120 days ago)

Trapped in Drops! - created by toofan

Trapped in Drops!
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Early Morning Shot, Some dew Drops on a leaf. Giving an illusion of a Mermaid trapped in the bubble. (5 years and 1122 days ago)

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