GLIDING OVER THE CLOUDS - created by nilknarfsoive

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It's a boat house floating in the sky, gliding over the sea of clouds. (5 years and 36 days ago)

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Imbalanced - created by nilknarfsoive

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Gosh! It looks heavy on the left side. (5 years and 43 days ago)

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THE ALTAR - created by nilknarfsoive

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ALTAR is an altered guitar.

Everything is from the source. Please check SBS. (5 years and 56 days ago)

Stolen Stuff - created by nilknarfsoive

Stolen Stuff
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If you steal precious jewelries and get caught, which one would you secure? (5 years and 1758 days ago)

The Only Remaining - created by nilknarfsoive

The Only Remaining
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Everything is taken from the source. (5 years and 1759 days ago)

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