psychological tumor - created by kushpatel

psychological tumor
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what if any child has watched horror movies back to back?
The chemical in his mind will be secreted is GABA, resulting into anxiety... fear... hallucinations...illusions. Same chemical is responsible for our emotions.
Can anyone guess the movies included?
It was fun making this tumor.
Thanks for reading :)
(5 years and 943 days ago)

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Alien Horsey - created by kushpatel

Alien Horsey
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I caught it yesterday in my garden; take a look at photograph but be careful.. :) (5 years and 950 days ago)

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dragon - created by kushpatel

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Just trying and learing new techs..
:) (5 years and 1003 days ago)

snake gem - created by kushpatel

snake gem
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thanks to
absurdwordpreferred (5 years and 1020 days ago)

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poor alien - created by kushpatel

poor alien
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