Sunday in the Park - created by spaceranger

Sunday in the Park
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There's always another UFO story in the news, most are proven fakes but not all...

I wanted to put the newspaper in an environment rather than just show the front page so I thought this would make it more interesting.

I extended the bench and cloned out the man in the background. Alien was altered and feet were made in Photoshop form shoe source. Alien's hands were made from the Alien source and newspaper was made with Photoshop and the original UFO source for the photo adding the Alien.

Larger version of front page in SBS. (3 years and 20 days ago)

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Ominous Skies - created by spaceranger

Ominous Skies
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A recruiting poster from an alternate reality. Rather than just having a Dieselpunk image I wanted to add the graphics which I find adds an interesting touch. Looking at the source reference I really liked the various poster designs so I thought I'd go that route myself.

Most of the work went into the vehicle with a great deal of fixes and modifications. The Rocketeer appears in many Dieselpunk images so I added him to mine as though he's endorsing the recruiting campaign. This is a real fun genre with many design possibilities.

Type from DaFont (3 years and 55 days ago)

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Hobbit Hot Rod - created by spaceranger

Hobbit Hot Rod
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I saw this tiny little electric car and thought only a Hobbit could fit inside. That got me thinking why not a Hobbit Hot Rod? So I souped up the little car, modified the wheels and basic structure to accommodate a small jet engine and big tires to give the Hobbit a mach one racing car that could outrun Smaug!

The car was greatly modified using the original and changing proportions of some elements. The interior was cleaned up removing the window and much repainting was needed as well. A new door was made and a lot of general cleanup. The only outside source for the car is the tailpipe exhausts.

I used two Hobbit houses for the background and made major changes to make them distinctly different. Cloning and rebuilding parts took more time than I intended to spend. All changes were made with parts from the two house sources and some painting.

I'll try to finish the SBS but I don't think I'll have enough time.You can see the work that went into this by comparing the source images to the final entry. (3 years and 104 days ago)

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A Hydra Named Horace - created by spaceranger

A Hydra Named Horace
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Poor Horace the Hydra, he has a job guarding the Golden Fleece but he gets lazy and would rather take a little swim instead... just as Jason and the Argonauts arrive. (5 years and 244 days ago)

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Lakeside Ride - created by spaceranger

Lakeside Ride
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Summer fun by the lake. I love a cool custom car so I used a classy chassis image and combined it with the contest source. A lot of work to marry the two images, warping, cloning, painting. I changed the yellow to a lime green and added tinted windows. Car chops are a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing this one. (5 years and 251 days ago)

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