Exotic Pineapple Fish - created by olseado

Exotic Pineapple Fish
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This is unusual, pineapple tropical fish.
This image was created using the contest's image (pineapple). To create this image I've trimmed the body of the pineapple to create the fish's body and leaves to create the flippers. Bowl was drawn using elipse marque tool and effect inner glow and inner shaddow. (5 years and 2656 days ago)

To Let - created by olseado

To Let
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I have used the chain brush - downloaded from: http://browse.deviantart.com - thanks to Obsidian Dawn for brushes- and rectangle tool to create "To Let" sign. I want to Thank to twoblueday from flickr.com for the " Screech Owl" source image - see source (called Owl) and Thanks to Valerie Everett from flickr.com for "Tree Knot" source image - see source called Tree, that I have used in this contest. Owl blended with source image. I have updated sign and owl to have more clear photo. Hope you like it. Thank you! (5 years and 2665 days ago)

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