Carrying - created by marina08

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New Year's present - created by marina08

New Years present
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Enchanted forest - created by marina08

Enchanted forest
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Acrylics on canvas. (5 years and 817 days ago)

GoldenLocks in the tower - created by marina08

GoldenLocks in the tower
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And then GoldenLocks came out in the window, and summoned the spectral lamp to guide the knights that were looking for her, holding flaming torches, through the misty woods.

Photos in the background are my own. (5 years and 863 days ago)

Branch holder - created by marina08

Branch holder
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This flanimal resides in every forest all around the world. It keeps the branches of the trees so they won't fall off. It can be seen only during the full moon nights, but still it is hard to spot. (5 years and 873 days ago)

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