Mount one. - created by elliejane

Mount one.
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I felt a bit awkward posting this entry, as someone else has already done this idea. However, as I had already done quite a bit of work on it by the time I saw the other entry I decided to go ahead and put it up, anyway. I figure someone will tell me if similar ideas aren't allowed.

That being said, the entry kind of speaks for itself!

Thanks to Dynamix on SXC for the source of Mount Rushmore. (5 years and 2515 days ago)

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Seriously... - created by elliejane

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I found two versions of the coffee cup on SCX, one version with bubbles from coffee being poured in and the same cup without the pouring. Melded the two to get a bubbly surface. Also, tilted cup straight, then added in a bit more diffuse grey background.

Sourced a hand, cropped and placed in the middle of the bubbles. Added some more bubbles around the wrist, by duplicating, clipping and flipping a few times. Also used 'multiply' on some of the layers until was happy with the look. Added in some stream by drawing a few lines with big soft brush, then smudging back and forth with different sized brushes, doing this over a few layers, and changing the transparency in places.

Added in the shadow from the fingers. Added in the lettering at the end.
(5 years and 2545 days ago)

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