Sleeping Handsome - created by elemare

Sleeping Handsome
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Here's a twist on the usual story of Sleeping Beauty... it's Sleeping Handsome.

After her kiss, they live happily ever after, of course. That part of the fairy tale doesn't ever change.

Many thanks to lockstock, cobweb-stock, frozenstocks, and CAStock for the images. (5 years and 1466 days ago)

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Bottle-Bottle Burlesque - created by elemare

Bottle-Bottle Burlesque
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A little fun with the can-can.

Sincere thanks to comfy-bed-stock and zvon for the photos. The footlights and drapes were done in photoshop. (5 years and 1470 days ago)

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Beauty Lost - created by elemare

Beauty Lost
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Many thanks (and apologies) to DeviantArt photographer AngieStock ( (5 years and 1485 days ago)

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Tropical Bird - created by elemare

Tropical Bird
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No outside source. (5 years and 1900 days ago)

Impossible Triangle - created by elemare

Impossible Triangle
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I couldn't resist.

The only source used in this entry was the original contest source image itself. I had included (mistakenly) a link to a Web page with a library of optical illusions for fun, but it was considered an illegal source (?), so I deleted the link, sorry.

The background was made with a greatly enlarged version of the source, with Polar Coordinates (Polar to Rectangular) applied twice, the Gaussian blur and blue color overlay.

One mosaic "cube" was masked and duplicated to make the "impossible triangle." Then color, levels, and hue/saturation layer masks were applied. (5 years and 1908 days ago)

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