Black Coffee - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Black Coffee
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Black Coffee splashing from a white mug on glass. (5 years and 2023 days ago)

Green and Yellow. - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Green and Yellow.
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2 Peppers dropped into a fishtank half full of water. (5 years and 2023 days ago)

Asparagus - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

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Shot on glass for reflection. (5 years and 2064 days ago)

Fishermans Tractor. - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Fishermans Tractor.
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A Fishermans tractor, rusted from the salt water. (5 years and 2084 days ago)

Droplet Collision - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Droplet Collision
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This is the result of yellow milk being dripped from a fixed dropper into purple milk.
(milk coloured with yellow and black food colouring)
The yellow plate is formed by the collision of a falling and a rising droplet. (5 years and 2094 days ago)

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