Bucket of Bolts - created by CoyDog

Bucket of Bolts
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A Steam Engine Motor bike (5 years and 1150 days ago)

Labyrinth of the Sun - created by CoyDog

Labyrinth of the Sun
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Labyrinth in the Sun. Maybe it's baked.... (5 years and 1198 days ago)

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Paint Brush - created by CoyDog

Paint Brush
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A Paint brush and some Paint cans (5 years and 1209 days ago)

The Classic - created by CoyDog

The Classic
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A Classic acoustic guitar. with threaded bead string (5 years and 1573 days ago)

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Time in Darkwood - created by CoyDog

Time in Darkwood
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A dark marble Hourglass with out time in middle of a dark forest. (5 years and 1581 days ago)

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