The Ultimate 2011 Collection of Photoshop Tutorials, Freebies and Resources

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We’ve collected a good amount of tutorials, freebies and inspiration from year 2011 that you can look trough on your holiday vacation. If you missed any of them, it’s now a good time to make up for it, brushen up your skills and get ready for new year with fresh ideas. Happy new year! General […]

How To Participate In Pxleyes Contests

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So you want to participate in one of the Pxleyes contests and don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick and easy introduction on how to get started. First you need to get yourself a free account here. Psst, this post is a little outdated. The layout and workings of the photoshop contests have changed […]

40 Top GIMP Tutorials to Turn you Into a Professional – Beginner to Advanced

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GIMP is a fine replacement for Adobe Photoshop, especially if you have limited financial resources. Its main purpose is to help with the image retouching and editing, freely available for several popular platforms. For those who have a passion or pure need of a free editing software, we strongly recommend GIMP, along with 40 of […]

The Beauty of Typical Australian Fauna in 50 Pictures

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Down Under, we find a great range of different species. Due to the continent’s long geographic isolation, and tectonic stability, most animals living in Australia are found nowhere else in the world. Best-known are the marsupials. They are the group of mammals commonly thought of as pouched mammals. They stay in the pouch till they […]

The Beauty of the World Seen Through Image Distorting Objects

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The world looks so much different if you look at it through a magnifying glass, or a lens. We discover details we never saw before, or new structures. Even looking through ice or water gives an object a whole new form. And a window view only shows us part of reality. Looking at something, letting […]

10 3D Studio Max Tutorials That Will Turn You Into a Professional Game character Designer

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Imagine you could create any character you want, make a three dimensional model of it and bring it to life with computer graphic animation. With the help of sophisticated software tools like 3D Studio Max, achieving this is not a problem. The following tutorials are written for those who want to develop their skills in […]

Master the Art of High Speed Photography

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The art of high speed photography has taken a quantum leap over the last few years due to technological improvements on camera equipment. Today, anyone who shares an enthusiasm for “capturing the moment”, has the right equipment and the proper techniques, can make high speed photography a hobby, a part time job or even make […]

30 Chilling Winter Photoshop Tutorials

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In mid winter, we decided to help you enhance your Photoshop skills and pump up your inspiration, by presenting a showcase of 30 awesome Photoshop tutorials related to this time of year. Learn how to create snow, ice, candles, Christmas trees and decorations, blog themes, snowmen and even animations. Some people prefer video tutorial, while […]

40 Detailed Cinema-4D Tutorials to Turn you Into a Professional

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For those of you who don’t know yet, Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation software package (developed by MAXON Computer GmbH of Friedrichsdorf, Germany). Cinema 4D has the benefit of a very flexible interface and it’s a user-friendly program, which you can master easily if you invest some time in researching some […]

The Ultimate Collection of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Beginner to Advanced

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Illustrator is a great vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. The latest versions of this software also include 3D options and allow the users to create outstanding vector images. It is always a good addition to manipulating images to know how to work with vectors so in this post we’ve collected 40 […]