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Exclusive Interview with An Exceptional 3D Street Artist

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Hello everyone! Today we have the honor of presenting the artwork of Nikolaj Arndt – a multi-skilled artist. He also had some cool things to share with us, about his life as an artist and about his creations. An exclusive interview, photos and videos, all in one post! Prepare to be stunned! Nikolaj Arndt ,3D […]

Exclusive Interview with Cranio + 40 of His Best Graffiti Street Art Photos

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Cranio is a very talented artist we recently discovered. He approaches art in a manner that is hard to frame, not traditional but not modern either. While he does paint, his materials and canvas are not the ones that any painter uses. Street art is his area of expertise, graffiti, to be more precise and […]

Little People Project: Brilliant Street Art Photography by Slinkachu

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Slinkachu is a young artist from the UK, an artist who got so creative that he managed to put together and turn small things into big art. It all started in 2006 with the “Little People Project” that involved remodeling and painting miniature model train set characters and then placing them on the street, in […]